For lenders

Suits and boots: we understand both sides of the equation

As a lender working with real estate development and investment companies, you’re well aware of both the benefits and downsides to commercial real estate projects. High potential returns, but lots of opportunities for problems that put the project in danger. So how do you pick projects that will run smoothly and lower the risk to your capital?

This is where Infobrij can help. We have formed strong partnerships, involving sponsors and service providers with decades of boots-on-the-ground experience in development, and investment managers with commercial real estate expertise. We have the ability to vet developers and projects and provide a significant head-start to your internal due diligence process.

When you consider one of our projects, Infobrij provides an invaluable amount of “pre-lending” information such as market analysis, feasibility studies, and exhaustive background checks on the sponsor and its principals. But we don’t stop there. We’re dedicated to seeing the project through every step of the way. Our experts work right alongside sponsors throughout the entire project with the goal of ensuring it runs smoothly, on-track, on-time and on-budget.

We vet projects from a broader perspective

The truly unique aspect to Infobrij is our team’s expertise in all areas of the real estate development and investment process. We’re able to assess potential projects from every angle. The vetting process includes a review of the sponsor’s background and track record, and a careful study of the feasibility, market analysis, proposed returns, and other ramifications of the proposed project. We also explore any special requirements of the state or city in which the project is located.

Before day one on the project, the team at Infobrij has worked to streamline the process by spotting potential problems before they can occur.

Our support goes through the entire process

Our revolutionary approach to commercial real estate development is not the only thing that sets us apart in the industry. Most crowdfunding sites are run by people with the technical know-how to put the players together and get a deal signed. With no construction management expertise, they step away once a deal is funded, and play no role in the actual building process. Infobrij’s involvement, however, continues until the project is complete. We provide a wealth of pre-lending information, assist the developers during construction, and keep investors and lenders apprised of progress.

When you invest in a project with Infobrij, you are given the tools to monitor that project from wherever you are, like on-site webcams, so you always have a real-time view of construction. In addition, we provide up-to-date reporting and progress tracking on the Infobrij site. Simply sign in and see how the project you invested in is going. So instead of being tied to projects in your “backyard,” you’ve got an expanded market in which to work: nationwide.

How confident are we in the acumen of the top notch team we’ve assembled? We not only research, facilitate, and assist in the management of all of the projects we undertake, we have a vested interest in them. Like our investors, we are committed to the success of the real estate projects we underwrite.