What we offer

What we offer . . .

Infobrij is an innovative platform for crowdinvesting in commercial real estate. We’re unique in that we’re a full service firm. We don’t just offer a place for investors and sponsors to find one another, we play an integral role during every stage of the projects we undertake. With their combined expertise, our team is able to assist throughout the process, working towards a successful, timely and potentially profitable result for all involved.

For Investors

Looking to make your money work for you, but concerned about risk? Infobrij is right there with you. Literally, because we participate in each of the projects we undertake. And in practice, because we thoroughly vet potential sponsors and projects prior to approval and work alongside them during the development stage to proactively manage issues and seek to achieve good outcomes. Learn more

For Sponsors

Infobrij offers a new and more efficient way to close the equity gap on your upcoming project as well as a chance to use our expertise to help navigate through it. You’ll have access to our considerable resources and experience to assist you through the lifecycle of your venture. When you partner with Infobrij, you not only get the help you need now, but access to future opportunities with our contacts. Learn more

For Lenders

Commercial lenders have to accept a certain amount of risk when funding any project. But when you partner with Infobrij your exposure is possibly lower, because you have the benefit of working with some of the top minds in the business. Lenders are also able to increase their loan portfolios nationwide by taking advantage of Infobrij’s real-time, 24/7 project monitoring capabilities. Our team includes individuals with expertise in all areas of commercial development and their extensive knowledge base enables us to select the best projects, sponsors, and real estate service providers. Learn more

For Real Estate Service Providers

As an Infobrij “preferred provider”, you have the benefit of our industry-wide reputation for high standards and quality of service. We’re committed to striving to make every real estate project we touch an excellent investment for everyone involved. A referral from our company indicates that you too have the same high standards and opens a world of networking opportunities in the commercial real estate business. Learn more