Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation

All investment opportunities come with the potential to grow your money combined with some degree of risk. The general rule of thumb is the greater the risk the greater the potential reward. With commercial real estate investment, determining the risk level associated with any one project depends on a number of factors such as the nature of the project, the historical performance of the development company, the amount you’re investing, the term and more. Many investors prefer to have a diversified portfolio that includes an ideal balance of high risk/high return investment alongside those that are safer but usually lower performing.

The toughest task is trying to determine the level of risk necessary to optimize your ROI without unnecessarily endangering your capital. But what if you could worry less about the second part of this equation? We asked ourselves the same question. Being that Infobrij is a collaborative company with input from experienced developers, savvy investment managers, and risk mitigation professionals, we’ve put together a team to work toward a solution to this problem.

After an extensive amount of research, we’ve made significant progress toward solving the risk/reward conundrum with our innovative Capital Asset Protection Assurance Program™ (“CAP”).

It is anticipated that the CAP program will be available for some, but not all, projects presented on the Infobrij platform. For those projects that do qualify for CAP, our intention is to offer investors protection, in certain circumstances, of up to 80% of the capital invested.

Whether you’re a new investor and still learning about the CRE market or looking to add a level of security to an already aggressive portfolio, CAP projects may be a good option for you.

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