Matt Thomson

Matt Thomson | Executive Vice President, Capital Markets

headshot-matt-thomsonMatt Thomson is Executive Vice President, Capital Markets at Infobrij LLC, and is responsible for the creation and execution of advanced risk mitigation strategies that provide accredited and institutional investors with the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate with reduced risk to their invested capital. These innovative strategies are designed to reduce risk to investors while maintaining the returns commonly generated by real estate development deals. Matt’s strategies create and apply Infobrij’s intellectual property, business processes, methods, and tools to commercial real estate investments. Matt brings over 11 years of experience with high net worth individuals, capital raises, and a successful track record in managing complex risk for his clients. Previously, Matt created and co-founded companies that pioneered the sale of medical malpractice insurance policies online that later became the leading marketing and lead generation platforms in the industry. In his insurance practice, Matt has generated over $100MM in premiums from clients throughout the country, and is licensed to write all lines of insurance in every U.S. state.